Oil float

Honeycomb panel floating roof

Along with the rapid growth of China's economy, the demand for various oil

and gas resources is also increasing, and the scale of oil depots is gradually

increasing. The safety design of large oil storage tank areas has also

received more and more attention. Therefore, it is of great significance to

strengthen the safety design of the oil storage tank area of large oil depots.

Aluminum honeycomb composite panel, which is characterized by "light

weight", "high strength" and "lightning protection“, it is an ideal material

for the floating roof and outer reticulated shell in the oil storage tank body.

The problem of floating plate sinking, structural collapse, oil and gas

volatilization and the like is effectively solved.

Product features

Light weight and easy to process

Large contact area and slow volatilization

Four corners welded and completely sealed

Corrosion resistant

Environmental and fireproof